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    • A Goat Killing Norther

    • Blizzard
    • A Goat-Killing Norther No blue norther has ever paralyzed Texas like the one that struck in the middle of a Saturday night, on Feb.13, 1899. The Arctic blizzard swept into Texas and within hours temperatures dropped to the lowest the...
    • A Trip To Agua Dulce In 1848

    • Agua Dulce
    • A Trip To Agua Dulce In 1848 A good description of what this country was like in its natural state can be found in a report of a trip to Agua Dulce in the Dec.16, 1848 edition of the Corpus Christi Star. After leaving Corpus Christi, the...
    • A Yankee Holiday

    • Holiday
    • A Yankee Holiday There was a time when Corpus Christi didn't celebrate the Fourth of July. The holiday was not observed during the Civil War. Corpus Christi newspaper, The Ranchero, would mark the occasion by reprinting the Declaration of...
    • Alta Vista Hotel

    • Hotels
    • One of Corpus Christi’s grandest hotels was the Alta Vista, built in 1890 by Elihu Harrison Ropes, a promoter from New Jersey who had big plans for Corpus Christi. Ropes began dredging a channel across Mustang Island. He planned to build a...
    • Bandits on the Reef Road

    • Bandits
    • Bandits On The Reef Road The reef road was an oyster bed shelf that divided Corpus Christi Bay from Nueces Bay. The underwater reef was marked by stakes. Travelers used the reef to cross from North Beach to Indian Point near Portland. ...
    • Blockade Hurts Corpus Christi

    • Blockade
    • Blockade Hurts Corpus Christi The analogy used by Union generals was that a blockade of Southern ports would strangle the Confederacy like an anaconda. It strangled Corpus Christi. Before war began, speeches for and against secession were...
    • Born In A Fire

    • Fire
    • Born In A Fire William Rogers built a new home at Chaparral and Cooper's Alley in 1871. On Aug.1, people awoke to the sounds of shouting. Rogers new home was burning. People did what they could, but without equipment they were helpless. The...
    • Chapman vs. King

    • Chapman
    • Chapman vs. King The Texas Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of King Ranch in a case that had its beginning 150 years ago when Richard King bought the Santa Gertrudis grant, the first parcel in what would become King Ranch. King put up...
    • Chipita's Ghost

    • Chipita Rodriguez
    • Chipita's Ghost The most controversial hanging in Texas history was that of an old woman, Chipita Rodriguez. She was hanged on Friday, Nov.13, 1863. Many believed at the time, and some historians still believe, that she was innocent of the...
    • Confederate Camels

    • Camels
    • Confederate Camels Jefferson Davis had a thing about camels. Before he became president of the Confederacy, he was secretary of war for the United States. And he came up with the idea of importing camels to haul supplies across the...
    • Corpus Christi's First Theaters

    • Theaters
    • Corpus Christi's First Theaters Zachary Taylor's army of 4,000 men began arriving in Corpus Christi in August, 1845. The town's population of 100 or so quickly grew to more than 2,000. The army brought the city its first water well, dug in...
    • Corpus Chrsiti First Census

    • Census
    • Corpus Christi's First Census When the census taker went around knocking on doors in Corpus Christi in 1850, he had an easy job. There weren't many doors to knock on. Although the city was 11 years old, this was its first census. And it...
    • Crossing The Laguna Madre

    • Laguna Madre
    • Crossing The Laguna Madre Long before there was a causeway connecting Padre Island to the mainland, the island was used as a route south. When Zachary Taylor's army was camped at Corpus Christi in 1845, a scouting party explored the island,...
    • Dredging Packery Channel

    • Packery Channel
    • Dredging Packery Channel We are near the day when Packery Channel dredging will begin. I wish the project well, but wonder how it willl turn out. During the Ropes Boom in the 1890s, a pass was dug across Mustang Island. The waters of the...
    • Duke Of Padre Island

    • Padre Island
    • Duke Of Padre Island Pat Dunn was the Duke of Padre Island. He owned it from 1879 until 1928. Dunn's was one of Texas' most unusual ranches. He built corrals out of mahogany logs that washed up on the beaches. He patrolled his ranch...
    • Feather Merchants

    • Merchants
    • Feather Merchants I've talked before about the hide- and- tallow business. During the 1870s, longhorns were killed and stripped of their hides on an assembly basis. One hide factory was on Padre Island, at Corpus Christi Pass, which became...
    • Firepower On The Frontier

    • Revolver's
    • Firepower On The Frontier Each age discovers its own marvels ---- and becomes dependent on them. In Texas in the 1840s, the marvel of the age was Samuel Colt's repeating pistols. This weapon allowed Texans to fight Comanches and other hostile...
    • Fort Marcy

    • Fort Marcy
    • Fort Marcy A question I've been asked is whether there was ever a fort in Corpus Christi at the time Zachary Taylor's army was here, in 1845 and early 1846. The answer is yes and no, depending on what you call a fort. Corpus Christi before...
    • Historic Firsts

    • History
    • Historic Firsts It was on March 10, 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell said the first words by telephone -----"Watson, come here, I want you." Sixteen years later, in 1892, Corpus Christi got its first phone system, owned by Dr. Alfred...


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